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God created each of us with special talents and abilities that are meant to glorify Him and to further His Kingdom.  We believe every member of LifeSong Church is an important and necessary part of the church body and such as, we are excited when a person volunteers their talents, interests and passions.

Joining any of our ministries is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of what God is doing at Lifesong.  Whether greeting people, being a teacher, participating in children’s church, attending Brotherhood or Women’s Bible Study, organizing church functions, planting flowers, or baking a meal for a family.  God has a ministry for you at LifeSong Baptist Church in Greenbrier, AR.

Men’s Brotherhood — First Saturday Monthly at 8:00 am in the Fellowship Hall

WMA Bible Study — Second Tuesday Monthly at 6:30 pm.  Led by Karen Burgin

Friends Feast — Third Monday Monthly at 11:30 am.  Food, Friendship, Fellowship.  Bring potluck dish.

Food Pantry — Donations needed for our Food Pantry!! If you need us to pick up the items or want to give a monetary donation, please contact Melissa Coast, Food Pantry Coordinator at 501-358-1150 or thecoasts@yahoo.com.